Saturday, January 1, 2011



Hey. Seriously I don’t even know a thing about it and if I did know from the beginning, I won’t take the risk. I have no idea how does this thing happen. Well, stupid. It’s because of me and I know I am not good. To tell you something, I get bored easily and I hardly take anything seriously. I don’t know. I am so sorry. I don’t want to hurt you, not a single second of my life I want it to happen like this. It is not about my game. It has nothing to do with any stupid game. I don’t know how to say this, but I am truly sorry. And for now, I have moved on before I know I will get hurt. It hurts so much but seriously, I don’t care at all. We shouldn’t chase after something that we know will never even be ours. So, I do take the same step. I am done. School will start soon and even I know I will face more dramas, I prefer it to be this way. I don’t wanna have inner fight with you. You know I will never accept anyone to be so special in my life right? Again, I am done. I am so sorry.

xo, Aliah.

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