Monday, January 31, 2011


i was still on the line, chatting with some friends on facebook. everyone else was asleep and they would face MONDAY.i had done my homework, just did some research on the current issues.out of sudden,i heard a baby crying. WTH. i don't even have a baby sister. i just ignored the 'baby'. the baby stopped crying for a while. then, she started to cry again. i can't stand this. it scared me hell lots. i was done. i woke my mom up, luckily the room wasn't that far. mom asked me to shut down my lappy and went to my bedroom. i did shut down the lappy without even saying good bye to any of my friends. sorry dude. i was too scared and too panic. the weirdest thing of all., the baby stopped crying when my mom was there. bye bye freaky night. i slept early last night. mom kept on telling me that the baby was actually a stupid cat. by heart, i hardly believed that. okay fine, i took her words. it's a freaky cat. my god, i am still scared :S

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