Saturday, January 1, 2011


You told me something that gave me a real hard slap. Well, I have to admit it that my act was wrong. I knew it from the beginning. But when I think about it again, there’s nothing to be mad of, jealous of. We are just meant to be this way and the act for me to change just for it is unreasonable because I don’t want to lose my best friends because of that stupid thing. I’ll rather be so invisible in your eyes because I know I am never visible in front of you. My stories about you might be my happiest stories in my fifteenth year on earth but it was almost over. 16 is my new number and I might not be just like what you think. I have friends to be taken care of; I have time to be used usefully. I have responsibilities that I have to fulfil. You might not know that this is entirely about you but don’t worry, I never blame you for that. Being your best friend once is one of my beautiful dreams even the time I woke up, it already turned to be a nightmare. Thank you bosom friend for cherish my life before. I want to sincerely apologise from you since I might not be as good as you are to me. I am mean and that’s a fact that you always know about me. I am here to apologise. If there is something to pardon in everything, there is also something to condemn, sorry and thanks for everything. You’re awesome and I shall say good luck in your life.

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