Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With relatives such as Charles Darwin your family tree is quite impressive and diverse, what’s it like being the first actor in your family?

First of all if anybody has been reading Wikipedia it’s almost entirely wrong! (Charles Darwin is true, HeyUGuys checked!) As far as acting goes, my sister acts but I suppose I’m the first to do it to any serious degree and I don’t think of myself in my family’s shadow. I’ve just been enjoying having my own path. I’m also the first of the Keynes to study Arabic and I chose it for a couple of reasons. On the one hand it’s personal because my mother’s Lebanese and I was never brought up speaking the language but I wanted to learn it. We have a family house in Lebanon I want to visit and I’d like to overcome that barrier language can create against really exploring a region. Secondly academically I find it a really interesting area of study, both historically and politically.

well, pretty much. we have loads of common interests ;)

i want to be a doctor, at the same time i have interest to study history and politics.

well, so-called future prime minister

or the wife?

haha, i don't care -- i just want to be a great leader ;)

i love skandar to bits ('.')

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