Monday, December 27, 2010


well, all of my best friend are in london now. is not that i miss them, okay a bit. but i miss london more. seriously. when i read this conversation when they went to oxford street and all, enjoying the boxing day, i just miss that moment. staying in london in the year of 2007 for almost 4 months just for holidays wasn't enough, i simply want more. well, i didn't really live in the heart of london. instead in Reading. and the school -- the bulmershe school, a specialist school for sport was damn fun. i miss the people too. the fight, the jokes, the songs. well, i simply miss every single thing there. i regret one thing -- when i was there i wanted to get back to malaysia because the weather was damn cold. i can't stand it, haha. having flu and all. so, i didn't really enjoy every moment when i was there. i regretted it. that's what a human will do, appreciate the moment when we know we can't be in the same situation. i pray hard so that my father will move to london instead of qatar or dubai or whatever middle east countries. even if we're gonna live in two different countries, i will never care much because me and atika will be staying in boarding school, so nothing much left ;) plus, we are used to it, for almost a year, didn't meet each other. the best thing about it, is you will enjoy your pieces of holidays there. and one of the reason why i want to be in london so much is because i want to meet all of my friends since when paulynne and maxwell were in malaysia, i can't meet them because i was stuck in ssp. so i guess, we can meet somewhere in the Oracle, or having tour around the london city, pals. hah, i really pray hard for that. but if still i can't, i am hoping for a great scholarship that can fly me to the OXFORD UNIVERSITY or THE COLLEGE OF SURGEON, IRELAND. please please. well, i shouldn't beg for it, instead i must stay focus here. so, new year, new dream. i am gonna make my dream to oxford comes true ;) good luck, aliah.

a note for you ; seri, faisal, thaqif -- have fun in london ;)

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