Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TRUST is never given,
it's earned.
well, somehow, it's right. but having no trust at all
to someone who can really be trusted is bad.
we shall give our little trust to others.
how could you earn trust, when you're being so afraid to give one?
by the end, we shall agree to the fact that
we gain by what we give.
deal with it, okay?

the only problem that the "people who are afraid to trust"
is they have negative thoughts in them.
well, having precaution steps doesn't mean you have to think negatively.
being care and showing that you care doesn't mean you have to take away their freedom.

negative thoughts might lead to negative act.
if we keep on telling people how stupid they are,
they will be stupid one day.

our words are like prayers that we perform without knowing it
and they are bad, dangerous.

fact of the day,
trust people a little bit more. because everyone is deserve to be trusted.

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