Thursday, December 16, 2010

it's sweet when someone knows every detail about you.
it's not because you keep on reminding them,
but it's because they are paying attention :)

it's true. no matter how much do i hate you now,
i can't deny the fact that you're better than others.
you pay attention to all my umms and uhhhs.
you listen well to my stories, even i know they are boring sometimes.
i might tell you the same stories, but you don't mind.
you still want to listen to my stories.

it's not the fact that no goodbye is sad,
it's the fact that i still keep all the memories.

but serve me right.
it's so human thing.
you will appreciate thing
that is now a history :|

i shall say, i accept my fate.
we are no longer kiths, right?

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