Sunday, December 19, 2010

getting 8A's is our dream, right?
we shall pray hard for it.
if today is MONDAY,
we'll just have 2 days
to pray.

sugar mouse,
you love AT&PS, right?
there's no one on earth will ever
stop you from liking it.
i bet it is a form of motivation
that will woo you
to study hard,
so both of us can hang out in London city,

as for myself,
someone woos me to study
but i will go for OXFORD first (:

my baby roxy,
your dream to be
the medical director
will come true.
you know you're smart right?

my deskie forever,
you are really into
actuarial science right?
go for it, you might be a millionaire someday.

my kith *ex-kith*
you do want to be
a business consultant,
i know,
you're smart enough to be that (:

my chemist,
i know one day
you will partner up with me
to create

my MC teta,
you have a big dream,
you shall go for it.

my hot butt princess,
you're hot and beautiful, you know.
you shall go for your goal ;
best student addmaths.

my starstruck,
your dream about Z and baby V
will come true someday.

my soul mate,
i know you have dream too.
never let your doubt
control yourself.
we have dreams that we share,
make it comes true.

my diva,
you are the awesomest mate ever.
i know you can achieve every single dream of yours.

my future doctor,
yes. we will have our own hospital, remember?
good luck and make your dream come true.

my taller sister,
you have your own dream,
future accountant right?

my little brother,
you know you can be a great
inventor :)

partner in crime,
you shall dream sometimes.
it's awesome.
my dream that involves you,
i hope you can be my partner in crime -- forever (:

somehow all of us have dream that we're afraid
to tell because it might be weird and impossible to achieve.
nothing is impossible,
as the word itself shows --
i'm possible (:


  1. :D yeahhh we shall hangout there , LONDON CITY , amin .

  2. Aliah, you always love my hot butt ha :D