Wednesday, December 8, 2010

from the first time i met you, i knew that you are the only one that i can fall for . you are the reason that i am still breathing. you are the most gorgeous boy i have ever met in my entire life. every time i meet you, my heart stops functioning, my eyes do not blink at all. i love to stare you. you are more than the best. you're the best thing that has ever been mine. i love you more than you know i do. i really love you. every time you look at me, i feel like flying. when you talk to me i feel like drowning. why do you make me feel this way? every time i ask you this, you will answer, because i love you and you love me. we are different in our own way, but the only thing that we know is we love each other. you appear in my every dream and you are the only thing that i think about after i wake up from my sleep. today, i want to tell you something that i barely say. talking about how do i feel about you is the second best thing in my life. but lying to you about everything that i stated out above is the best thing in my life. sorry, don't trust my words. i lied :)

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