Wednesday, December 8, 2010

so, hello :)
may Allah bless us always.
100 % 8A's in PMR.
i love you more than you know i do.

Another one month and 4 days i am gonna turn to 16.
not like last year; i wanted to be 15 so freaking bad.
16 might be a great number,
i might have new memories.
i hope it will be my lucky year
even i am so damn scared to face all the changes.

well, someone just asked me what do i want for my birthday?
my answers are :)

GUCCI perfume
new purse
gossip girl dvd
tonnes of novels
surprise birthday party
new boyfriend

heh. i am kidding.
i don't want all of them.
to be honest, i just want a happy family, great friends and wonderful life for my 16th birthday.
thank you :)

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