Wednesday, November 24, 2010


the more you say, "you cannot do this!"
the more "PLEASE!!!!" you're gonna hear.

HEY THE OUTSIDERS. i just found out that i am so into things like this, as i am just like any other teenagers. but when i think about the consequences, better never try illegal things. what you see and hear from movies about rehab and all -- it happens out there. those who haven't heard about this, i tell you, it's a reality. now, too many money has to be spent to the rehabs compared to universities. what a waste, right? but the gov has to in order to save those who are already corrupted.

ASK YOURSELF. it is so the reality that i wish to delete from my dictionary, but i just cannot. it is the thing that i have to face nowadays. as for me, i cannot touch more about it. i haven't grown up till that par, and i might change ; which i don't want to.

LOOK AT THE PICTURE. if i take the risk and choose the wrong path, i will end up like that. okay, i might not end up entirely like that, but most probably. SHOUTING FOR HELP. SHOUTING FOR EXPLANATION. -- which every answer of NO before this, had been answered by that time.

don't be regretful. you can change before it's too late :)

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