Sunday, November 21, 2010

well, loads of things happened these days. i had to face loads of weird attitude from someone i used to know. things happened for reasons and this reason did really woo me to move on, and i know how much since the beginning i am not supposed to choose this way. yeah, i am over all this stuff and to tell you, i don't regret any single moment before this. never. everything was just so great yet these couple of days, everything goes wrong and there's no one to be blamed. what i shall do is just follow what my heart said, move on. yes, i am moving on. to the Efron-to-be, i would say, thank you for making me feel better. you're good at this, since before. HAHA. thanks dude. Amelia, thanks to you too. couple of hours of calling, just to listen to my hmms and ahhhs. thanks.


yesterday was fun :) we ate steamboat for countless time and luckily we didn't stop at any japanese restaurant for sushi like we always do. we did shopping for the hong kong trip and i was more that having fun :) thanks.

phone was suck and you know how much did i need a new blackberry, right?but when come to think about it again, i think, i don't have to ask for one. as we'll get the things that we less expected. plus, mom and dad had given so much things this year, and i have no right to ask for more before i could show my 8A's certificate. it's not that they restrict me to, but i think i have to. never mind, i still love my N73.

best friend is a perfect boyfriend.

TOO MUCH OF GOSSIP GIRL these days that influenced me hell loads. season 1, finished :) i am moving on to the next chapter. hah. can't wait. what i meant for the line above is that, i just believe that best friend could be your perfect match, as he knows you better than some other strangers. i hope to be in the same chapter where my boyfriend-to-be is my best friend.okay, maybe not this time. i am talking about FUTURES. my boyfriend is my best friend. heh.

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