Friday, November 12, 2010

the unstoppable business :|

AMIGAS. we're all being so busy during the week of MAJAKA. dancers with our grand opening dance, certain people with their decoration of our theme ; 4 seasons. Protocol bureau, with their protocol thingy. Logistics with their tents, Present bureau with their hampers, members of every club with their stalls. It was definitely so tiring.


We had definitely tried our best to ensure that everything was going to be fine and loads of people were coming. The grand opening dance was awesome, I supposed, as I was one of the dancers. I loved everything about MAJAKA and definitely, I missed it so much. Even I knew how tired it was, but I could walk out with satisfaction. The business during that day cannot be avoided, my big family came and too bad, I just spent less than 30 minutes with them, what an unfortunate me. My friends from other schools also came and the situation was just the same. the thing that I hated about inviting people to go to my school carnival -- by the end you didn't even spend your time with them. Sorry, bosom friend (you know I am telling this to you).


It happened two days after MAJAKA. We had to arrange everything for the program, SSP and MOZAC. It was kinda cool to have new buddies and all but seriously, we didn't have enough time to even sleep soundly. The cultural night was awesome and I loved our teachers' day dance, so cute yet we had to gather our spirit from our inner soul and perform our bestest that night. Attention to Miss Amelia Rosley, stop with you not-so-macho face. HAHHH. You're just amazing the way you are, no need to wear a macho-ish mask :P


Seri and I had to present our report for the programs that we had done after PMR, it took ages to announce it and there're so many hampers to be given away. I am proud to say, congratulations HAZIQAH for being a good director for our class drama till we managed to win first. Well done to my teammate, MUNIRA CHAPITI for conducting our choral speaking till we managed to be at the second place. I was totally happy to announce our winnings :D

After assembly we had,


the best experience ever, ALIAH, FATHIN, UMMU, MUNIRA ,FARAHAIN , DIYANAH , AIDA, ANIS MULYANI : we had to do sumazau dance, can you imagine? but once you love dancing, you definitely can do it and I'm loving it :) I love our costumes. I will post the pictures then. We also had our multimedia presentation and also scrapbook. Of 3 categories, we managed to win 2. I bet, it was more than okay.

That evening Petah Bicara club had our party,


was always the best party I could ever have in my life as a SSPian. I always love it. Congratulations juniors for making the party as a success. Even it was so damn sad the fact that was the last time we're having our grand dinner with the fivers. Ms Ameera and Ms Qamilla, I was definitely gonna miss you guys, the coolios. We had joy, we had fun. The saddest part for me was when all the 8 of us singing WHEN I LOOK AT YOU as our spontaneous performance. I felt like totally dying that time -- I was speechless.

birthday girl celebration and TOPAZ party. I was just like any other ordinary girls who came to eat only, thank god.

At night, it was the peek when everyone was saying farewell to the fivers especially. Ms Fatihah, thanks for all the great chats last night. Ms Qamilla, I hope you will like the teddy. Ms Ameera, take care of the cat. Ms Amani, have fun while eating the chocolate. I was so sad, that was the last night I acted like a childish form 3. If early of this year, I kept on saying how did I love my f2s life, this time, I took back my words and agreed with the seniors, f3 was the best moment ever. All the memories, experiences -- I could never forget as it made me becoming a wiser girl. Thank you Allah, for giving me this golden chance.


My third chapter of high school book finally met the FULLSTOP. I am more than sad, as today's the last day I could say to the whole world that I was a form 3 student. Next year, if I come back to school, I am gonna be form 4 student and the biggest fear that lies in me is that I have to make myself ready to see all changes -- friends, life, DEBATE, school. Everything. I am afraid yet I have to, as this is the thing that will teach me about the true meaning of life.

Whatever that is gonna happen next year, I have to accept it -- sincerely. I could just pray that everything is gonna be fine.

DECEMBER, is the month when I will know whether I could stay in SSP for more than 2 years, or not. Definitely, I want. No matter how I love my home, I never hate my school though. I really wanna come to school with 8As certificate.

These are my unstoppable business ; my life is definitely complicated but I just love the way it is. This is me and my way of life. Tired of reading it, who asks you to?

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