Monday, November 29, 2010


HONG KONG was fun :) it's so a lie if i said, I was happy to leave HK though. I miss HK, it's not entirely anout the country, buut it's all about how the trip could tighten the bond of a family :) thank you ayah and mama.

the weather was just great, not too cold and not that hot. it's more like summer in london. when we arrived at the middle of the city, it looked more exactly like london. the differences are the people there and buses -- they aren't in red .

we were confused at first. HONG KONG or London as the roads are more less the same but there's no chinese signboards in London though.

wanting to check in at the hotel but we didn't know the exact road. we had to search for the info for more than an hour just to get there. luckily, we managed to do so :)

we're just hanging around the town, didn't go for shopping yet. and we went to the HONG KONG PARK, it's so awesome (Y) the ifc mall, was like KLCC somehow. CHANEL, GUCCI, PRADA, COACH. just name it, you can just shop there.

the cost of living there was quite high, i guess. so yeah. the stuffs are also expensive, especially at the town :|


the SECOND day.

it's DISNEYLAND :) ahmygad, this was like my dream place, yet i could go there :) more than happy. when we lived in london, we could just go to the disneyland in France but we didn't. too bad. but HK was fun! disneyland was all about disney but too bad there's no HSM and NARNIA. i was so damn sad when i found out that sad news. i can't meet my prince charming :(


to tell you the truth, HONG KONG city and KOWLOON were totally difference. HONG KONG CITY was like the upper class of HK and KOWLOON was the opposite of it.
we went to the ladies market and we did do some shopping for souvenirs but in order for you to bargain the prices there was so frightening. :S


the LAST day,
nothing fun. due to boredom, we snapped so many funny photos.
arrived at KLIA, so hot :P


hey the outsiders, I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SHARE. but due to the flu that's attacking me now, i cannot write so well. will tell you in the next eepisode :) THANK YOU.

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