Sunday, November 14, 2010



Amelia, Adeeda, Hannah, MC, Edda, Amirah and Aliah
together with K.Syazana Rosley

we went to a place called SHOPPING LAND (which never exist, it's so-called dream, right?)
during outing time -- LEGALLY, ofc.
we were responsible to buy costumes for our grand talent night,
then we split, to make our task smoother, easier and faster.

Amelia, Aliah, Amirah and Edda
we went to tower A.

Hannah, MC and Adeeda
they went to Tower B.

In 1 hour, we were supposed to go to Parking Tower to meet K.Syasya again ; with all our stuffs ofc.

the AAAE made it in time but we definitely had to wait for the HMA.

3 hours later ---

HMA didn't appear, we called them *this part was illegal -- bringing phones to school.
they didn't even pick up the phones. we were freak out. It was almost 6 and we were supposed to be at school by that particular hour but we couldn't afford to let them suffocate alone (okay not alone, they were 3 of coward girls). We waited patiently.

We called, and called, and called.
The only two who were not being tired of calling were Aliah and Amelia, where else Amirah and Edda were already taking their "nap".

We decided to take a look around the mall, they weren't there. They gotta be kidding. We asked the announcer (is that the term used?) to announce their freaking names, still the didn't appear.
Then, we gave up. We decided to just leave the place, so we did.

On our way to reach SSP, we saw these 3 familiar looking good chicks walking by the roadside. Yeah, they are the HMA. We shouted their names, the looked at us, they burst into tears.

Hannah, with her soul told us the entire stories --

They went for lunch, as they were so hungry. They went to McJenal to eat burger. The restaurant looked very weird, yet the hungriness forced them to just get in there and eat. They didn't feel their feet on the land after drinking the Coca Bola, they were trapped. Luckily, for some reasons, MC could implement her AIKIDO skills while she was half-alive. Then, they were safe. If not, they're gonna be hot, fresh, forced prostitutes at any streets by now.

luckily it was just a beautiful nightmare.

Fact of the day, seriously, I miss you guys till make me having this stupid nightmare -.-"

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