Thursday, November 18, 2010


OH WELL, past few days I kept on posting photos and to tell you the truth, there are thousands of meanings behind them :) I haven't told you about how do I live my life lately. Everything that I wanna start, I will start with my dream. In that insane dream, I discovered a world full of revenge, lies and backstabbing. I wanna end that dream so badly even when at the first place, I didn't feel like dreaming. I was acting like the best girl warrior with the help from my hero, Skandar Amin. *claps for him. I almost got killed and he saved my life. Like any other fairytale, the best part was only at the beginning and the ending, the rest you felt like killing either the wicked stepmother or the ugly stepsisters. Too much of daydreaming of wanting to live in fairytale with the ending of happily ever after. And as for now, I don't need any fairytale because the peek of my story would be so weird, rare, insane, lunatic. I would be suffocating and suffering. No, I just want something like reality, for at least everything is just ordinary and just nice to be seen :)

Mama told me about this one wicked story and to all mothers, fathers, future mothers, future fathers, aunties, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, ALL. PLEASE, take a great care of youngsters before it's just too late. I am a family girl and I am happy for it as I know, I am not ready to face the world full of crime ALONE. I could be independent at certain time and even how much I told myself, I am ready, I am just not yet. Maybe 18 would be a perfect number for me.

To all the victims, if you need a crying shoulder, I can be the one. Just tell me the things that you wanna share, I can be a great doctor :)

Another reminder, you don't have to persuade people to trust you because they simply will. My bad though as trust me is used to be my favourite line. I just learnt one good thing, just don't trust the one who asked you to trust them. Easy simple.

PLAYERS, you know how much I hate them. but people call me that, which I don't really mind because I know the game that I play, not like any other players.


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