Tuesday, November 23, 2010


HELLO THE OUTSIDERS. lesson to be learnt for today. NEVER INSULT YOUR OPPONENT WHEN HE'S MAKING MISTAKES. oh well, this is the right direction but what did we do in our daily life is that we love to insult people, lay out all their flaws and cons without leaving any good outcome. in today's society WE ARE AIMING TOWARDS PERFECTION and how can we fulfill our aim when everyone is being so selfish to win?

Nowadays, everyone wants to be the winner. Who doesn't? but have you ever felt some victory when you lose? you should, it shows that you dare to fail. FAILURE might be the devil that you're really scared to face. but have you ever wondered why the game had been created at the first place? because it wanna teach us, how in life we have to face two things -- FAILURE AND SUCCESS.

i might have some kind of phobia when it comes to losing. who wants to be a loser? everybody doesn't. why we kept on having the dream but never work for it. the game cannot be blamed, in all cases. to tell you the truth, i am forcing myself to eat those words too.

in this case, it is an exceptional. from now on, whenever i face failure, it will never stop me from MOVING ON. when i told people to MOVE ON, they blamed me. as for them, it's easier to be said than done. oh well, i admit it. but have you ever known that i am also like you facing failure when success is all what i want? don't blame people for their advices, they might have their own unspoken reasons. blame yourself for not thinking the good side of it.

when i fail, i always want to have an umbrella walking with me to cover my face. but when i think about it again, what for an umbrella? i shall not be ashame for my mistakes after it had been done. i shall be ashame before i did that, so i won't commit any sin, right?

if you think you want to repent, feel free to do as it is never to late for an apology. if you dare to seek, you are lucky to receive -- APOLOGY.

ps, take it. use it WISELY :)

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