Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HEY THE OUTSIDERS. i cannot sleep till i tell you my story. today was fine, i miss everyone and everyone is not missing me. i don't care. having flu was suck but it's a reminder for me to be more grateful when i was not sick.

today was not about my entire story. my story began with a boy named D.

well, he's the new comer. a private college student who came to my school for his research and as the LO, i had to accompany him, all the time.

things about him was making me feel sick. he's just so untalkative, just so my opposite. then, we walked to the cafe ad i kept on harping about school and he acted like he was listening but technically, he wasn't actually. i was just doing it for the sake of my job.

while i was busy story-ing, he had a phone call. then i had to press the pause button then :| whatever. i hated him so much :S

he was busy talking on the phone, i went to meet my friend, and telling her how much did i hate him. but my friend's response was something else.

''ahmygad, you better don't. he's the only son of the malaysian's billionaire!"

but i don't care. i am not like any other bitches who want to befriend with rich rich people, puhleasee. i am not a materialistic type of girl.

when i got back to my sit, i pretend like nothing happened and had to put my fake smile as that was my task to layan him, anyway.

"Aliah, right?"
"Yeah? Why?"

and the conversation began. you can judge a book by its cover just after you read it. and he was so damn nice actually.

being the only son to a millionaire was tiring actually, and he wanted to be normal. he just broke up with his girlfriend, who was a bitch and took him for granted. i might not be too small to understand this matter. i mean, hello. i can talk about it, and i know some stuffs about love. to tell you the truth, his girlfriend wasn't like the normal bitch, she was like the mother of it. he paid her college payment and stuffs like that. pity him, she cheated on him.

from that moment, i just realised that not all rich guy is a player. the perception changes the situation. they don't want to but when people said so, it was like giving them the pressure to be like one. with money, they can be the best player i bet. but not D.

the bitch attacked us at the cafe. "so, she's the reason why did you want to break up with me? what? a girl who is still in school uniform?"

i was speechless. i wasn't clueless, but my hands were shaking and i bet i could just give her my hatred slap, but i had to keep my record clean. she was like a wild boar and i just had to stay there like a hot rock.

"who cares? she's way way better than you. at least, she's not a liar nor a bitch like you!!"

oh well, i just didn't get this. i wasn't his girlfriend, i was just the girl that he just knew for couple of hours ago. but yeah, i did appreciate what he did for me.

the bitch left after receiving the sarcasm slap from D and i just had to calm him down. he looked good when he was angry though.

one thing that we had in common was that, we loved to write. it was so hard to see a guy that loves to write but D did write. well, he didn't have a diary, but he did write on a piece of tissue, with black marker. kinda unique though.

i did the same thing, but not for me. it's for him.

just forgive and forget.
she's no good for you,
and just leave it that way.

one more thing,
that's what a hater does,
hating people, so do she :)

he was laughing and i was satisfied. another basic thing that makes your life happier is by making others feel happy.

"Aliah, you know what? Thank you so much. You are just a small kid but you know big things and it's good to be your friend :)"

yeah, i felt the same thing thing though. he was a great buddy and i didn't tell him that, just three words, "You are welcome :D"

then, my phone was ringing. it was mom that waking me up from the beautiful nightmare :)

to tell you the truth, i never knew that boy, trust me. that was the first time i saw his face -- in my dream. it made me smile, thank you to D and the dream :)

ps, i fell in love with the boy in my dream.

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