Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HEY THE OUTSIDERS. well, to tell you the truth. i am so over him. it's not that i have found the replacement, but i just have a thought that he wasn't being sincere enough to me. i don't mind playing a game with him but he's a coward kind of guy. really scared to tell the truth. yeah, well. i appreciate the friendship, but he just didn't. so, i have to move on. well, he's still my friend. don't worry, i am not like any other chick whom will get pissed of and break the friendship. and i am not like any other cheap bitch that is easily could go and flirt and confess. no way. i am just not. i am too expensive for that and if you wish to see me saying hello first, no thank you as you'll get to see me saying goodbye first.THANK YOU :D

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