Saturday, November 13, 2010

the days pass you slowly,

“I want someone who can continuously pamper me, accepts my flaws, and stand by me through thick and thin. I don’t need someone who screams at me just because I lost something important. I don’t want someone who tells me to go to the mall alone just because he prefers lazing around at home. I don’t want someone who gets pissed if I’m not on time. I don’t want someone who seeks comfort in other girls, even talking (Seriously guys, what’s the use of your girlfriend if you don’t confide in them? Geez Louis!), I don’t want somebody who turns on a sour face every time I’m being unreasonable, instead try talking me through it. Gently guide me towards understanding the situation. Sometimes, a girl just needs to be unreasonable for the fun of it.”

Maybe you were right, I don't have to feel scared as it just the way it worked. But I didn't like taking any risk. Thank you for your a piece of mind, yet I do still stick to my decision. I will never be the same, the next time you talk to me, I could be different. I hate it when someone judged me without even leaving solid proofs. Dude, I am not that type of person -- demanded, choosy. I always remind myself one thing about life, you barely get what you really want, instead you'll just get what you need. I don't do things for money, and stop saying how bad am I, being someone's friends because of their money. If you sincere enough to be their friends, you will get the thing that you would never expect. Time sure flies and to tell you the truth, I believe in changes, as time and changes do work hand in hand. I've lost my family, friends because of time that passes by and I could not blame time for it, because as much as I want it to stop, I just can't. Dude, it was obviously my fault, for sometimes judging someone through their appearances. The act of judging someone is not a crime but believe in wrong things is definitely wrong. My perception can change. I can forgive someone but I hardly forget. Dude, I didn't need any explanation from you, but just so let you know, I am not like what you think. I am weird, and that's it.

(I am just rare *it's syak's ayat)

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