Friday, November 19, 2010


HEY THE OUTSIDERS. i wish everything will be different but it just didn't. i was even more sad today, yet i don't know why. okay, maybe i know, but that's the secret i will never tell. I have this such cold war with my own best friends, I haven't taken my dinner for almost 2 days. Everything was just so weird and too bad you came interfering my life and acted like some jackass i supposed. what exactly do you want from me? just tell me despite i am your secret enemy since forever right? i don't know was it you or me, or might be both. you just hate me so much right? and every of my action would be your argument to defeat me. i am more like your rival if i am not mistaken. you are never for a second my rival nor my enemy. i don't know what should i define you, a stranger i supposed. oh well, please. i am just tired of listening to every of your argument that wanna show how you're head and shoulder above me, which i don't care at all. this isn't a game and to tell you the truth, you better find someone else to be your competitor as i have my own game to settle with. i have no time for your fun. whatever. get rid. i am tired of COPYCATS. as a record, i repeat, COPYCATS. yeah, plural. a lot. yo people, i bet you're awesome enough to have your own identity. and since well you were born to be a photocopy machine? i thought you were meant to be an engineer?then you and your mouth kept on whining to the world, how good am i at copying you. well, just the fools will believe you. just shut your mouth up, pack your stuffs and stay out of my way. do whatever you want, cause any trouble but don't pull me in. i just rejected your crazy invitation right? then i am just smart enough to do so, than you should act a whole loads more cleverer to at least find the right guess. since the first day i knew you, till now even there're so many time i have forgiven you even you didn't deserve any, you're still on with your mask. in front of people you acted like a super angel and i am the one who's always like an asshole to the society. well, my pleasure to cover your sin. but till now, i just cannot keep my feeling well, so yeah. i exploded. at least, i have better reasons for it. you wanna take me away from my friends, you wanna replace me, go ahead. because one day, i bet you're gonna eat your own words and shut up alone at the corner. and by the time you come to me and seek for forgiveness i will say, "apology accepted" and walk away and leave you with all the blankness as i don't act like i do. because i am tired of hearing the same explanation, the same line, the same lie. you just don't know how does it hurt right? because i am afraid when i pretend that everything is just back to normal and the whole cycle will just keep on spinning around. the one who doesn't learn from history, tend to repeat them again. and i won't be saying that i am, but you are. the impact, is just gonna be me. what? yeah, by the end, i am just used to it. because of you're the most MANIPULATIVE person on earth that i have ever mate, and the answer is, you are never gonna change to be a good one. and you never try to. and you just look so pathetic for acting like it. *clapclap for you :)

i am the demon in front of you,
by heart, we know who is the dare devil.

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