Monday, November 15, 2010


at first, i thought of being the angel one. now i know, even a paid angel would want to quit her job then. seriously, you wanna be HOT by bitching around. You're wrong, you're just being so cheap, girl. You did that because of one positive yet you made it as a negative one-- GLAMOROUS ? FYI, what a cheap girl you are. I had never heard of your name till you came to the picture of being a shit talker. Oh, basically, never for a second I care about any shit talkers but once you yourself spread the rumors on how we treated you that bad when at the first place you're the one who started the fire, I couldn't stand it. Maybe you had right to do so. Everyone has our own freedom of right but not to forget, everything on earth has its own limitation. If you want to talk about rules, regulations and laws, oh well, just face me then. Let see how good you are. I wonder, someone who tells the world how good she is in this sort of things, by the end doing mistakes. Well, fine then if you said, everyone could have done mistakes, so do I. but at least, I did have a hope to change it to be a better thing. Unlike you, you sincerely commit the same mistakes over and over again without even feeling guilty. I wonder, who are you? A human? Or some kind of alien? At first, I tried to make everything looked so positive yet I was hoping for the same thing from you. Kill you with so-called kindness, but I was wrong, and at least I admitted it and I wanted to change my perception then. This type of mask that you wear cannot be removed. It just sticked on your face as it suited you so damn much. It was definitely a sin right, talking in this inappropriate languages, but at least, I had that kind of manner to make everything didn't look that harsh. The stories that you spread to the world-- well obviously WORLD as you're using the universal alternative right ; were wrong. It was like a petty petty story that you made it became as big as your head. WOWW. what an achievement right?Go, tell the world how irrational we were for being angry, and go tell your friends, how perfect you were at telling lies. You're a good faker, liar, cheater and SHIT TALKER. clap clap for that. If can, a hatred slap as a token of appreciation could just have been given to you, then again, as evil as we were, we were still considering our sympathy towards demon like you. Oh, just stop being a drama queen, as you were not even considered as one. You gave us shit, you had to take the risk. Give cake, you'll get chocolate. Give shit, you're gonna be kicked at your ass. Simple, easy. take these well, use them wisely. We're older, still we could make mistake. You're still young, obviously, you have loads of things to learn. We are not yet to be perfect but at least we are aiming for perfection. Unlike you, you think you are but you are not, yet you are aiming for more imperfection. Look at yourself at your magic mirror, tell yourself, AM I GOOD ENOUGH TO SAY OTHERS ARE JUST BAD? Everyone deserves to be angry in this case, the difference is who deserves more? It's never too late for any single sorry, we gave you the chance to repent. But it was so-called HUMAN ; never be grateful of what they have. You abuse our trust. Our previous trust was your last chance. You missed it, so don't blame us for that. This freaking hot story might fades away one day, but it doesn't mean I am going to forget it. Remember, what goes around comes around. I know you already know that but there's a huge difference between you know it and you take it. So take that, as you are just so knowledgeable about everything right. Even you know what is gonna happen to you and us right? I wonder, WHAT. Is it good, or bad. This whole thing is just so shitty, but I don't know. It is just so disturbing till I want to warn you about it. You could even tell the world how much you don't feel scared and want to protect your own right, but inside you, I bet you're more than fragile. Only wise people know the trick to say how right they are. The fools are being so scared yet choose to use the dirty, dis-functioning technique. To tell you the truth, you just look so pathetic in your fake smiles, EYEMO tears. OH WELL, stop pretending. It just works inside your inner demons, not us. Go back but never look back. One thing, you have to think very wisely before you come out with any WISE words. We have our accepted wisdom, but you don't. Too bad, kid. You have too much things to learn. On top of your list, you have to learn how to RESPECT, okay. THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

ps, I am just more than satisfied.

fact of the life ; By the end, we could smile at you and you will look away and hope that you can turn back the time wishing to be a better person :)

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