Monday, November 15, 2010


WE always regret every mistakes that we had done in the past, yet we never wanted to repent. WE always hope for changes and differences without going out face the reality and make a change and make a difference. I am talking about a WE, and that never excludes me. Just don't repeat the same mistakes that we had committed or we saw people committed it, we can change. everything starts with your first move, you're your starting point. Don't blame others for your mistakes, stop saying how stupid the circumstances are. Stop blaming your fate, instead. Everyone has their own fate and luck, but it doesn't mean they have no time for at least trying their best in their life. How could God give you the best if you don't work for the best. Everyone is good in their own way but it depends on them, on how the want to make it better or even the best. We're not like a washing machine, just follow everything that the human wants. We are human, and we know that. Then, act like HUMAN. Have courage, you can do it. Just have a little FAITH :DD

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