Tuesday, November 16, 2010

but my last night's dreams were even more frightening.

there's a programme at sch which i didn't really involve.
on my way to somewhere in school, i saw this one particular familiar looking boy.
this boy hated me so much so do I.
then I dreamed of him, like wtvr.
It was so-called curse i guess.
It was like a sign, idk.
I just hated that dream.

this dream was even more ridiculous.
in that freaking dream, i got 8A's 1C.
i took Arab, weirdly.
and C is the LIVING SKILLS.
i woke up at 12 because of those crazy dreams
and i jump up to the conclusion :

i don't want my every dream to become a reality :)
*don't let it happen, God.

I don't need to meet that boy in real life,
I am so going to be killed.

I really need those 8A's,
please :)

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