Tuesday, November 23, 2010


sometimes we make mistake, and we don't learn from it. sometimes we have no choice but to walk away. i believe it's right. sometimes when we have our first scar, it just won't fade away for reasons. so, we won't play the same game. for some reasons, i wish to have an older sister because i have no idea how to be a better person and great example though. if i had a sister, at least i have someone that can show me the right path. but when to think about it again, i don't need one. because God knows, i can be better example. that's why i have parents that can guide me the way. carrying the big responsibilities on my shoulder, is hard. but i have to bear in mind. it's not just me who feel the burden, others as well.

mom always says,
when you think you face trouble,
just remember,
tonnes of people out there do feel much worse.

and as for you, thanks so much for showing me the way. and thanks so much for every single advice. somehow i believe, not all mistakes, we can fix. that is the whole point of you telling others the lesson that you learnt. you cannot turn back the time, instead shine a light to others' ways so that they won't face the same darkness that you have to face before. i take that for good.

and as for me, well. i think, i will just have to do it myself :) my work is still my work. no matter how suck it is, it is still my work. i have to finish it.

ps, the more you think you have faced, the more you know you have to treasure.

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