Tuesday, November 16, 2010


definition of ATELOPHOBIA :

the fear of imperfection or not being enough.

loads of people out there have this kind of problem, me either. but i don't fear imperfection, just the expectation fears me. it is better for you to pop up like fcbk's chatbox, like no one expected you to instead of you heard rumors that you're gonna be the miss universe of wonderland, and it gives you real high hope yet by the end, you are just left with hopeless dust. that's how bad an expectation is. but nevertheless, it is such a good thing though as you will do your best to reach the expectation. in life, everything negative that you could see, you must turn it to become a positive one. by the end, everything is going to be fine :) trust me.

fact of life; not everyone is aiming towards perfection but they are just scared of imperfection :)

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