Friday, November 19, 2010


It was just so crazy how the bond of friends between two girls could break because of one ordinary boy? Oh well, I am tired of seeing how the telenovela goes as by the end, he's not even worth fighting for. Reminder, you girls are much much hotter and deserve someone who is way way better and not this freak player. No offense but as far as I am concerned about the telenovela of life of teenagers, it always has been the same cases, over and over again. Puh-lease girl, there are so many things that we all have to learn and there are so many things that you have to do instead of fighting over a boy. Maybe you could say, the boy is just different than any other boys, that's why I fall for him. *claps* what a great statement. Then, you should ask him, if he's just so different, show us that he's not like any other boys whom will let girls fighting over him and professional enough to make everything back to normal and kind enough to not sink the friendship. Proof it, then you win. Oh, you just cannot do it, right?

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