Sunday, October 17, 2010


it was totally like a freedom after we got out from the freezer-the hall. KH was the last paper and trust i was not confident with my answer. i cried like hell because i knew i wasn't doing my best and no one else should be blamed except for me, myself. like in any other papers like science and bm, i was totally freak out as i didn't walk out with satisfaction and i knew i could have done wayway better, i knew myself, and i knew i could do my best that day. but this was the unacceptable things that i had to accept. crying was not going to change the result after all but i am still praying to God, and i am hoping for the best. i hate to agree with one fact butyeah, i sincerely wanna say this to ATIKA -- dude, thanks for making me cry. you should have sent me the card much much earlier. but whatever it is, pray for me and seriously, i cannot afford to dissapoint any of my siblings. i love you guys and if i manage to achieve 8A's, this is for you, not me. as never for a second i do anything just for me. it's for the rest of my family :D

MAJAKA is so hunting us down. the first big event that AMIGAS has to organise. every high hope that people give us is making us feel like dying but whatever it is, i always have faith in the high com :)

PRS, we had organised programme with the SKBD girls and they were awesome :) thanks guys. as it was the first time we organise this sort of programme and i believed, we walked with satisfaction and we are aiming for perfection in upcoming programme, this 4th Nov.

Astana, Kazakhstan. there's an essay competition and it's international stage, Azura, Edda, Sofwa, Amira, Wan and Me ; we joined it. we had submitted them and we're praying for the best.

DEBATE, trust me. i miss every single moment and by the time we want to brush up, everything went pffft. HAHAHA. everyone is busy, especially AZURA :D no worry, we always have time, guys. to seniors that will leave us soon, 29 days to go and i am going to miss you guys like hell. k.merra and k.qamilla -- we will do whatever it takes to make you guys proud of us :D

tomorrow event; me and anis will be the emcee. the best part, i am going to talk in full malay and it is not really and uphill struggle but i will try to do my best :D

last but never the least, JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE :DD (Y) haha. seri, you know it right? people, i hate the game so do the player, but it doesn't mean i hate myself even people called me that ;P HAHAHA. aliah is so not like that. only Aliah knows who is she :D

this is it, my book full of activities. i thought we will enjoy our freedom. definitely we enjoy these.
freedom=responsibilities :DD

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