Saturday, October 30, 2010


People change. Everything will change. And we just don't know when. Yeah, somehow I am tired of facing all the changes. damn it. it's not that I am afraid to change or whatever but in my life, there're too much of unnecessary changes that make me sick of it.


You can judge a book by its cover as just shallow minded people never judge someone through their appearances. Your appearances and personality always play the major roles in your life and nothing can change this fact. Everybody does it and no one can deny it. But people's perception can change in any situation. It's just you who want to make a change or you just want to blame the circumstances.

I am a human, obviously and that's the reason why I can blog right now. Somehow, even human can carry out the most inhuman act and the unusual common things could be immuned in our own life even we know at first it is just wrong.

If you're bad, and you want to change -- people will never accept your changes. The only thing that they are gonna say, how hypocrite you are, FAKER. In the other case, if you're too good, as good as angel and once the angel answers the whispers by the inner demons, everything is gonna change. Now, perception plays a role. All the good deeds that we have done before, will just fade away. Even a piece of good deeds will just be forgotten by creatures called HUMAN. I am saying this because somehow I know, I just did the same thing. That's why I jump up to the conclusion, kindness does not always beget kindness and now, life is not always a circle and love is always a triangle.


The best thing in my life is when I know, there's always someone whom will appreciate me just the way I am. I don't expect any single thank you or gifts as a token of appreciation. But the way you treat me, is just good enough. Even a fool knows how sincere you are towards her. I just want myself to be appreciated. One of the reason bad people be bad is because when they do anything which is good, they are never being appreciated. In that case, they started to think the other way round. Again, it's just a nature of a HUMAN that has been natured since forever, you are just going to appreciate something when everything is gone. That's why this four-letter-word has been created -- MISS.


I always know one thing about me, I am always friendless. All haters hate me, all friends do not even like me. That's why I don't really trust friendship. Trust is not given but it's earned and friendship has never earned my trust. I am tired of being hurt by this abstract thing. It is just so weird as people be friended to someone else because of their mutual interest which this situation is what I am facing here ; NOW. You will get what you give but this policy hardly works in my life. I always try my best to be the best to every of my friends but it just turns out to be dust. HOPELESS. Then again, I have to always remind myself -- this is just a negative perception that I guaranteed one day, it will change cause as for me, perception changes.


Life is simple but it is never easy. All you have to do to survive in your life is to live. Live your life. That's all. In game, the rule of it is to PLAY. And same goes to life. The rule is just to live. As for me, life is always like a battlefield where there'll be a success or failure. If you have the condition, you will have the result ; just like science.


It's sort of ewwww to touch about this matter but there's nothing as important as love in your life. Your life would be so pathetic without it. Four letters, one word means EVERYTHING. And that's what I learn in my everyday of life. If there is no family that will love me as much as right now, I might not survive till today. And if there's no people that I love on the earth, my life will be wholesomely meaningless.


I don't like player, but I am the gamer and I just love my game. My game is complicated and even I am not that sure about me being the winner of my own game. In every game, thare'll be loads of chaos and telenovela. In order to win, I have to play like a winner and never show my vulnerability to whom called oppositions. That's how my game works.

By the end of the day, I just have to remind myself. This is the culture of life that is so damn hard to change and I bet this rule is gonna last forever. Life is like any other game. The rule is always the same, the differences are the players and how do they control the game. Today, I just have to keep in mind, about how my life would be. Perhaps, I cannot predict what my future would be but I already know the pattern of it. This is the life that I have to live and this is the game that I have to play. Indeed, I will never leave the battle on me.

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  1. like this post. hope you'll get all A in your PMR, gorgoeus! wassalamu'alaikum... ;)