Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what a touching post,

everyday we talk about gossip girls. PMR. friends. love. life. but we do regret about one thing which is the most major thing of all ; FAMILY. maybe some of us don't really appreciate the family that we have as they are not like what we want. somehow, i am being so thankful as i could be in SSP and it teaches me about how to be more appreciative towards family and life, indeed. for some reasons, i always fight with my siblings and i am being so stubborn to listen to my mom and dad. yet, i know, i was wrong and it's never too late to mend the crux. i don't have millions of dollars to buy things that they should get as a token of appreciation. so, the only thing that i can give is just a piece of success and a piece of prayer. i am hoping that they will always have a wonderful life. it's so man to have this sort of thinking. i always have a feeling that i am the black sheep of the family. but i was wrong. they never say it to me and deep in their heart, i know, they never think to have that sort of feeling. it's just an irrational thought of mine. i am so sorry. now, to whom who had failed to be a great kid or a great brother or sister, don't give up. there are so many doors of opportunity out there and you just have to step forward to reach the door. try to be positive thinkers, then you'll be a better person in future. it's so great to light up someone's life. and it's so great to cherish others and bring the smile back. somehow, we have to give others so much happiness that we will be happy in our life :)

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