Sunday, September 12, 2010

Merriment of Raya ,

PMR is so hunting me and for god's sake people kept on telling me the same thing fr the whole days. hahhhh. but i dnt really care that much cause i've promised to myself. sampai 3rd day of raya je. hahaha. okay, i will uphold it, dnt wry.

1st Syawal

well. i enjoyed my raya in my own state cause it was malacca's year. so, early in the morning have to wake up and after solat raya, the princesses and the queen were busy with lady's stuffs. and we did cry because of salam raya and thnk god, the eyeliner is waterproof :D then we went to tok mak's house and snapsnap pictures and crycry .

then, we went to visit all the houses and salamsalam the relatives i barely meet . visit the graves, arwah tok wan and tok aki :S i am so sad, somehow i believe, i cnt really feel the merriment of raya after they had left us fr heaven :(

raya-ing in malacca was great cause big girls got extra duit raya, but in kl, it turned up to be something else . i missed duit raya from two houses already cause i am a big girl :(

2nd day of Raya

everybody was so shocked seeing Atika is wayyy taller than me and no more cry today because maybe it was the 2nd day of Raya and guess what, WELCOME TO KL :DD

so much things happenend my cousins, SHAHRUL was being so annoying. shesshh. he kept on saying i am fat even i knw, my weight is 41kg already . and that freaked me out to even eat. and as the result, i don't eat that much. grrrr.
unlike in Malacca, i got less duit raya bcause i am a big girl. i wish i can grow up once again and Aiman got extra duit raya fr puasa penuh and obviously me, tikashya and mia didn't have the chance to get more. girls' thing.

again, everybody is asking me about PMR. wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. that was totally suck and the only thing that i can do was just smile and said thanks fr reminding me. grrr. but there're 3 girls will take UPSR which is sooner than PMR and i promised them presents :D

every house that we went fr raya, then everyone will say "besarnya anak Anita . dah anak dara. eh, kenapa kakak lagi kecil drpd adik ni?"

hmm. yeah, im tired of that line and now, i dnt even care.

too cute is better than tall. thanks mak cu .

one more thing, "why you look so chubby?" haishhh. tapi, mak cu replied fr me, "ala, chubby tapi badan slim takpe".

fuhhh. thnks god. the funniest part "wahh, dh besar, boleh jd menantu ni!!!" OMG, krkrkrkr.

wth ?

left KL, reached Malacca at 11.00 pm, go fr tidur :)

3rd day of Raya,

im full todayy. open houses, rayarayaraya. we all went to the Datuks' open houses. politicians, and all. gosh, full :S in the car :

"Ayah, nanti i will be Datuk Seri Nur Aliah Syahmina, because i am the Prime Minister."

"OH, rugi la. Nanti yr husband, tak dapat apa2."


"Better you jadi isteri Prime Minister"

gosh.damn it. Atika and Mama knw the story behind it and we all laughed like hell. MALUUUUUUU.

"Ayah, let say la. if Kakak jadi Dato' then the husband jadi Prime Minister, how eh?"asked Atika.

"Oh, nanti both jadi Dato' la."



i hope to RAYA everyday but tomorrow i have to start my DATE with the books . sheshhh .byebye happy moments, hello BOOKS .

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