Monday, September 6, 2010

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this is the secret life of me. yeah, i know like nowadays thousands of people are actually hate me for some unreasonable reason. but just want to make it clearer here. I am totally not a jerk or a freak like what you think. dude, it all lies behind the word of FATE. if you don't get what you want, then don't blame others for getting what they get. because somehow, you have to bear in mind that not all the things that you want, you will get as Allah will just give you the thing that you need. so, don't blame me. there's nothing to be blamed. not even yourself. it will come, whatever you want. it is just about the matter of time. if you hate the situation right now, it's too bad for you. enjoy the present while it lasts as it's called gift. plan the future as wise as you can because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. keep every single memory that you have, because it's the history that cannot be repeated. life is simple but it's not easy. life is wonderful but it's unpredictable. too many things that we have to face in life till we don't even realise how tough we are to face it. we must not be inhuman to regret everything in life. because we live not to leave, but we live to live the life. there's a ring that we will have in life called suffer-ring. but it's just the way it goes. go die if you can't accept the lose. and think wisely and think with your brain, not mouth. i say this for reasons. again, i know, tans of chicks are hating me out there. but do i care? because i simply don't. i am here to tell you that you're just wasting my time, sacrificing your beneficial hours talking about the untrue story about me just because to fulfill your dissatisfaction. yeah, what a waste as you have better things to do. so, spend your time with happy moment and don't plan to spend your time talking about rumors anymore. face your FATE. get rid of dissatisfaction. live your life, you will be a better person in future.

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