Tuesday, September 7, 2010


yeah, life is complicated. so do friendship. the problem that you faced today, i have faced it past years and just God knows how could i survive. but you don't have to worry that much. every cloud has its silver lining and guess what, that's why i choose to be in this situation. I don't want to be in a relationship that can break thousands heart. and it same goes to you. you don't even be in a relationship, officially right? but to the fact that both of you do fancy each other, it's enough to break someone's heart. and it's complicated. to take care of someone's glass heart, we have to break ours and somehow, i hate how it goes. but it is called life and it's the way it goes. then, we have to face it. oh, now i do realise one thing. everything that we have to face or go through always includes this one short word yet very important in our life. LOVE. this is not a jiwang-ish post but to tell you the truth, it is true. everything is fair in love and war. everything that we talk about, care about and share about is all about this four letters word. i wanna escape from facing it, but i just can't. because of love, we learn to know, care and understand that something. maybe it's just not for a human being, a passion perhaps. kith, i know you know i do dedicate this to you. but seriously, this is the secret of life that i just treasured. maybe this wasn't enough for you to mend the crux but at least, you could feel better. kith, i will always be there by your side.

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