Monday, September 6, 2010

it just popped up in my mind ,

No one wants to be born as poor. Everyone wants to have a perfect life. But it’s so called life as we will never get what we want. Not all the time. Same goes to the poor. The rich one becomes richer day by day. What a very lucky person. Unfortunately, they are just being like a jerk. They don’t even care about the society who is dying for food, clothes, shelter and education. What’s matter most is how to manage their business and how to spend trillions of dollars wisely. Opss. They don’t really think wisely, they think selfishly. Because if they were, they won’t spend all their money having jolly night with prostitutions from the bars and clubs. World. Yeah, it’s so pathetic to see how it spins nowadays.

Eid Mubarak is here. Almost knocking the door. We, the one who still have money to spend, spend as much as we can. New clothes, new shoes . everything must be new. Including cars and houses. Unfortunately, these selfish and miserable people don’t even pay zakat for god’s sake. Yeah, for them shopping is just everything. As long as I am happy and what should I care about the world. Me, and my life.

I am not blaming anyone. Because I am saying this to myself also. Should I over joy my raya when somebody else is suffering for the basic needs of life? Should I do this ridiculous thing when somebody else is struggling to have a plate of rice? Should I?

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