Thursday, August 26, 2010

Every cloud has its silver lining,

i once had a watch, J.Bovier. my dad gave it to me as a present for me getting a very good result in my exam, in form 1. two months ago, my sister lost it, in her sch, which i was so freaking mad but i cant express it well cause every cloud has its silver lining. yesterday, i got results for my trials. alhamdulillah. i knw, Allah will always be too fair. yes, indeed. thanl god, i got good results. straight a's,third in batch. ALHAMDULILLAH. EVEN I KNW THERE ARE CERTAIN CHICKS DOWN THE STREET DO NOT EVEN SATISFY WITH WHAT DID I GET. GO DIE. I DON'T CARE BECAUSE ALLAH IS JUST BEING FAIR TO ALL OF US.  OKAY. dONE. I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT YESTERDAY ANYMORE. TODAY WAS SUCH A GREAT DAYY. AYAH FETCHED ME UP FROM SCH A LITTLE BIT LATE AND YEAH, WE BROKE OUR FASTING IN THE CAR. THEN, WE DROPPED AT OLD TOWN AND EAT. THEN AYAH TOOK ME TO BUY PRESENTS. HEHHHH. THE MAIN THING I WANNA SAY HERE IS JUST, BABE. I GOT NEW WATCH- A TISSOT WATCH. DENGGGGGG. HAPPY AS A LARK. WOHOOOOOOOO.

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