Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Story of Fairy and Tale , Chapter 7

whatever happened yesterday would be a great memory for them but both were eager waiting for the date. deep in their heart, yes. they should move on. but oldies were still the greatest of all compared to the new buddies. so, they moved on.

the day had came. they got back to Lalaland and went to the secret place. it was like the first they met. best friends, nothing can break them apart.


Both of them were clueless. They cannot deny that yeah, love was in the air but again no one wanted to start that first. Egoism stopped them to or having someone special?

"you're the best friend i've got," he added. he laughed.

"Fairytale". it came out from both of them at the same time.

"you go first, Tale."

"I just wanna tell you. It's funny, someone was talking about this new film that came out just before christmas," he spoke without giving fairy space to speak. "it's about how man and woman cannot be friends without meeting each other every single day. one of the girls in my class said that it was true. and i told her that my best friend is a girl and it's never been an issue even yeah, it was but still, you're my bestest friend. because for them, the quickest way to damage a friendship is distance. but the most certain ways to end that friendship is to talk about love."

Fairy was so weird, wondering why he never asked her about the reasons that he needed so freaking bad.

perhaps, he already wrote every letters that i left there.

"No sensible people will ever do that, " he eventually continued. "i told this girl, the one in my class who is so opinionated, I'd never do that. Plus, I could never interested in that way in a girl who is my friend. i would never confuse friendship with love. because friends are not meant to be lovers. if they were, they would be frovers. Lo-ends. Don't you think?"

Fairy had a sudden urge to run. to tear blindly up and not stop running till she was far away from here as possible.

Don't ruin everything, Fairy. You had decided to move on. That was the thing that make you stronger to move one.

"Yes. Best friends will always just be best friends. Not more than that."

"But, Fairy. You'll always be my number one girl, yeah?"

number one? i wish to be you're only one.

"yeah, i will remember that."

"And Tale, you'll always be my number one cutey dogey yeah?" she replied shaking his head as she would do to a dog.

they talked and talked. deep in their heart, they couldn't erase the memories. sweet memories.

I had read the whole thing wrong and it was my fault to let myself falling for him before. it wasn't his fault if he didn't feel the way for me. that I wasn't good enough in his eyes. we had so much else - a shared history, so many years together-that was far more important then some misguided romantic notion of us getting together, having a long-distance relationship for the next several years and then what, getting married? at our age? no, Tale was right. friends shouldn't be lovers. friends shouldn't even entertained the idea of it.

Time passed by and they had to leave the place.

"hey my cutey doggy. don't you want to give me a hug before you leave?"

they hugged each other and Tale whispered to Fairy's ear, " I miss you so much it hurts."

why don't you love me? Fairy asked inside. Why don't you love me?

"yeahh. me too. i'll see you in summer."

"can we still sending letters? here? "

"sure, tale. we'll."

"bye my little Fairy. i'm gonna miss you."

"yes, me too. Bye, Tale."

they left the place. yet, the secret of them now living in the same town wasn't revealed yet. will they meet earlier than summer?

to be continued ...

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