Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Story of Fairy and Tale , Chapter 6

"Hello, is this Dr Amor?"
"Yes. Who's on the line?"
"Emm, well yeah. just assuming that my name is T."
"T? yeah. What's up T? wanna give a love talk or what? What's the dilemma in you?"
"I feel like I'm bad to have this sort of feelings. but i guess, she's worse."
"She? who is she?"
"She is the bestest mate I have ever had in my entire life but yeah, she left me without any news."
"bestest mate?"
"yeah. i tried to forget everything about her ; EVERYTHING. but the harder i try, the more i remember her. the moment she made me smile, the moment she made me laugh. the moment we met for the first time. the moment i was mad at her when she asked me to to show her the way."

was this for real? Fairy couldn't believe her ears. Is this Tale. maybe yes but she couldn't mix things up, work and personal problem. How about if, this is Tale. yes. T for Tale.

"I know that I had been wasting my time waiting for someone who was already gone, right? We don't even speak for more than 3 years i bet. I don't mind. but still, i really wanna know ; where is she? why did she leave me without any sign? why?"

"T, what a very complicated story. i bet you know her better than i do but as someone, who is the outsider, i guess she left you without news is for reasons. have you ever tried to look for her? maybe she's waiting for your news. maybe, there's something stopped her from telling you the news. we never know, T. i suggest you, go and find her."

"What if, she never wants to talk to me anymore?"

"did you do anything wrong to her that made her refuse to talk to you?"

"no, i guess. we were okay when we met past years. i don't know."

"see, you don't know her reason for acting that way right? go, and find her. maybe she's out there, waiting for you. is there anything you want to tell her. maybe she is listening now."

"yes. Fairy, if you were out there. please, i am begging you. please, meet me at our secret place. please. come there on the date we first met. please. i will come. thanks Dr Amor. Thanks."

"no problem, T. she'll be there. she will. A friend is someone who is there for you when she’d rather be somewhere else. thanks for calling yeah!"

A friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be somewhere else.
I have heard that quotes before. yeah, I remembered. It's from Fairy. was it Fairy the Dr Love? no, impossible. no. impossible.

i know, it's Tale. I will be there. I will.

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