Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Story of Fairy and Tale , Chapter 5


boys, easily fall for other girls and easily erase them from their mind. technically, Tale was as the other boys in the town. but his feelings towards Fairy was a little bit different. for him, yeah. he had to move on and live his life. he had to forgot about his feelings toward Fairy. in his heart, Fairy will just be his old friend that cannot be erased. now, he lived in Dosiulon town which was located thousand miles away form Lalaland. unfortunately, Fairy didn't even know about him moving there.


she thought of moving on also. but open her heart to a new boy in town was so hard to her. she had to leave the village for the sake of wanting to forget about Tale, completely. She left Lalaland for a place called Dosiulon town.

Now, the past will be the present. Living in the same town will make everything back to normal. but to the fact that neither one of them knowing about this, it would just be a dream.


he was the son of one of the richest family in town. he continued his teenage years studying in one of the private college in town. Rich boys are always rich with girls. Yes. He's. Every single night, he was with different girl, rich girls. Rich girls rich with tricks. Using their beauty to tackle rich boys to get richer. it was very easy but complicated if you were in that situation. yet, Tale never said those three words to any of the girls. NEVER.


she was the unfortunate girl. she was pretty but she was not wealthy. so, no one realised her beauty. NO ONE. she didn't have money to leisure her study even she got the brain. it caused her to work. not as a clerk, but as a DJ. she worked at one of the radio station called, as Dr Amor. she had to answer phone calls, advices heart-broken people and somehow, she had to keep on motivating herself to move on.


the common thing that they could never get rid of was, WRITING LETTERS without sending them. writing letters to themselves.

to be continued ...

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