Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Story of Fairy and Tale , Chapter 2

Fairy and Tale share everything together. through letter. Tale will be on the cloud nine whenever he received news from Fairy. same goes to Fairy though. again, egoistic avoids them to reveal the truth.

Fairy loved to play in the garden. One day, she saw a cute little kitten. Poor kitty. It hurt. she decided to bring back the kitten but unfortunately, on her way back home, she was crashed in an accident and she was in coma for more than a year.

Tale was leaving to another place, over the sea. And he wrote his last letter to Fairy. the saddest part was, he had no idea about the accident.

Dear Fairy,
it was almost more than a year i had been waiting for your letter. but still, no reply from you. what happened? i bet, this would be the last time you heard news from me. i'm off now. away from here. but i really want you to know, what ever happen after this, you'll always be my true friends. Fairy, thank you for cherish my moment. I hope to know that you have the same feelings though. Bye, Fairy.

A year after Fairy recovered from coma, she went to the secret place to read the letters. tears drop on the grass. she can't face the moment when her only true friend was left. she tried sleeping with a broken heart. It's not that she forgot about him, but the accident was the boundary that made her cannot be there to reply the letters.she was regretful for not revealing the secret. she was regretful for not telling him the truth. now, he had gone and she was hopeless.

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