Saturday, June 12, 2010

a journey of lessons,

as usual, i will go out to go to anywhere i like with my cuteyy mama. but my journey today was wayway different than other journeys. before these, i would be in the car and playing with the radios. fly, hitz. and of course, i will sing along. but today, i took a look at everysingle thing that was there along the street. my eyes focused on this one particular stall. i smiled. it's not that i was insane or what but yeah, if i were the parent of this boy, i would be really really proud of him. teenagers always refuse to help their parents. always because for them, it is better to go to the mall and play video games or even have a date with thier special ones. but not this boy. i know, he helps his parents at the stall everyday, as my friends told me that. *clapclap. he sacrificed his teenagers time which he supposedly spend it with his friends by doing a very great task, helping his parents. good job, dude. the journey was continued. at the traffic light. i saw two siblings wanna cross the road. at first, i just ignored them. yeah, strangers. but my eyes stared at their hands. there was a letter and a bank book. a letter from Jabatan Kebajikan i supposed. yes, they withdrawed money which was given by Jabatan Kebajikan to still survive in their lives. as what i know from my reading, this association will just give the needy family RM 200 per month and it wasn't enough in today's world. RM 10 = RM 1. and so many things are needed in today's world. how can they survive. deep core in my heart, i am so thankful to Allah. even i am not from a billionaire family, but at least i could live my life without any boundaries. i hope that they will be happy in future and if i were given chances to help them, the needy, i will. i will.

conclusions, yes people. please be thankful with what you have now. if you never get what you want, at least, please appreciate what you have.

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