Monday, June 7, 2010

it was just another dire straits ,

i cnt go to PPM as yeah the economy crisis and stuffs. i was so freaking sad and to be honest, it distracted my life at school that time though. but it turned out to something good when the final will be held in PICC and i was so happy as still i could watch it even if i cnt be on the stage. frankly speaking, my friends will be there on the stage and im proud of them.*clapclap hands down, they're wholesomely good.the final will be held on 31st of July, Saturday.and it's a cormfirmed that i can be there.yesterday,my aunt told me that her wedding is on the same date.and it made me try sleeping with a broken heart though.i cnt afford to let her down as she's my bestest auntie i've ever had and the most important thing is that i'll be the bridesmaid and yeah, more reason for me to not going to finals.i'm so freaking sad and just God knws how do i fell.but it's okay like my mate said.there's always next year and yeah now i knw why Allah didn't give me chance to be in PPM the other day ;)thank God.

to the finalists :
hazim,farhan,mamu and faisal
azzam,aiman,thaqif and ashman

& do your best.

to my lovely auntie :
Nabihah Musa;
dont worry, i will be there during your wedding.
just pray that i'll get the permission from the admins :)

conclusion ; there's always something behind a thing. and yeah, please remember it :)

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