Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i know, but still i want to,

all of my family members said that if i were the bridesmaid, i'm gonna be the one who will get married after that. WHAT? no wayyy, man! im not gonna let it to happen. haisho. ala, get rid of the unknwn fcts. everyone knws that it's not gonna happen. even my little proffesor told me that. no no no. never. but go to hell what you wanna say. i'm the chosen one. so, still. i wanna be the bridesmaid.at least, i could have someting memorable in my diary of life as i cnt write about final PPM .oh, i wish the date will not be on the 31st of July. por favor !

again, bare in mind that there's always smthg behind a thing :P

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