Friday, June 11, 2010

give me space to talk,

stop about Fairy and Tale for a second. give me space to talk about me.

edda is all the way with her telenovela. mimi; yeah. she is enjoying herself now. hannah; didn't much talk to her. mc ; well. she's on the line all the way. azura ; she's not on the line nowdays. kinda miss her. wan ; the annoying one. seri; my soulmate. shit, i don't have much time to talk to her too. wany,syak,ummu ; busy with wind och. sherod; what happened to her? adeeda ; finee. you enjoy your birthday celebration without me. athirah ; ohmygee, she also. not talking to her that much. my hottyy sister, k.bainun ; busy with her new life. k.azalia ; busy with her study. k.merra ; busy with her know who.shhhh. haha. k.qamilla ; smileys war with thaqif ; taylor swift all the way and smileys also.ariff ; nadiah hashim, his verry pretty girlfie. farhan ; sad with the aussie thingy. faisal ; best player rightt :DD. amreen ; busy with his new look.munira ; new brother-in-law. syakira baha; new boyfie i guess. hanis ; new friend who is her old crush. paulynne, smriti, sujana, sapna, maxwell, josh mcmillan, joe liczbinski; busy with the summer holidays soon. aleksandra; shit. i hvn't replied your letter. mysterious boy; is the boy next door. farahin aida ; haha.layaning the one who has crush on her. alya athira ; MAC? nadia alyza ; hmm. soldier boy??. aida ; germany and lambert. aiman ; busy with the FIFA. mama; busy marahing aiman because of FIFA. atika ; justin bieber fever? ina; baby baby baby. ayah ; golf, FIFA. sofwa ; FIFA. FIFA.FIFA.FIFA.FIFA.FIFA.

yeahyeah. everybody is busy with their own life. me; currently is trying to get the new life and taking care of my own heart because it is bleeding so freaking bad. shit.

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