Monday, June 7, 2010

dig into the past,

yesterday was Aqasha's birthday. we didn't really celebrate as she wasn't there. so yeah. we just got back from shopping and stuff. then, we reached home and my cousins were already there. they're playing football though. in my house yard, there's a place for sport. we could play badminton, football , netball or even golf. enough. i was asked to play badminton. and i played. without any warming up session, and for the long time not playing this game as i wasn't in badminton club after all, no offense but i sucked. with some more practices, i bet i could be better though :) playing with Aliah was so tiring. they're tired of picking up the ball. hahahaha. clearly, i didn't know how to play right? the funniest part was that, we had a game where we should kick the ball without looking at it. we were blind-folded. it took more than 5 minutes for a person to kick the ball. but the champion was my uncle. and do you wanna know the secret? he wore kain jarang to cover his eyes :P yeahyeah. you won. *clapclap

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