Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Story of Fairy and Tale , Chapter 1

this is the first chapter of a story of a girl and a boy.
how sweet :)

the girl named, Fairy. the boy named, Tale. in a friendship, you can't deny that you might have crush on your own best friend. so do them. Fairy and Tale, hardly meet as their parents are being too strict and they can just meet if there's special event in the village. but distance doesn't break their friendship apart. here's the tactic. they use the old fashion way to keep in touch; letters. near the Alexandria fall, in Lalaland, there is a big, shaddy tree with a post box hanging on the branch. there's the special place where they put their letter. the place is indeed very secret and just the ones who appreciate friendship could be in that place. it's so extraordinary :)

Fairy and Tale, both of them are being too ego. they do care about each other, but they never express their feeling. it's because each of them are so afraid if they will not be loved back. so, they keep it as a secret.

27 může .
today is already 10 years they become best, both of them decide to send a very special note to that tree. Fairy sends the letter together with a basket of apples, while Tale sends letter together with a bouquet of yellow roses as a symbol of friendship. By chance, they are there at the same moment. By luck, the leaves fall. people said, it shows that there's love in their friendship. they knew it, but never mentioned it. it is such a wonderful moment but they have to get back to the real world. unluckily, they cannot spend much time together. but meeting coincidently makes them be on the cloud nine :)

to be continued...

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