Thursday, April 22, 2010

IIU Interschool Debating Championship 2010

16th of April - 21st of April
IIUM Gombak
debate battle between all schools around the nation

it's hard to accept the lost but i have to.
maybe it's not our luck and we must accept it.
if we're not big enough to lose,
we're not big enough to win.
i will face every debate as it comes
cause it is just another debate.
if it's not the right time to bring back the trophy,
perhaps, it will be the best time in future.
we're still proud of ourselves as we worked our ass off
and we improved in every round.

thank you for being there when i need you guys.
THANK YOU so much.
k.ameera, k.qamilla
thank you for being superb seniors.
we can never be there without you guys.
k.afiqah, k.bainun, k.azalia
thank you for coming and supporting us.

thank you for every single wonderful moment.

IIUM is indeed the best place for the intellectual discussion.
and see you guys next year,

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