Thursday, March 18, 2010

it was just another dilemma,

At first, he got two chances ;
moving to KL or QATAR.
After considering every single aspect, he chose KL
which i quite agreed with.
Then, he got the second offer from QATAR
and made him think twice now.
He would like to change his decision and choose to go to QATAR.
When he asked me about my opinion, i can just keep quiet.
i'm in dilemma.
why must i face the same thing every time i have to face big challenges in my life?
i was left in Malaysia cause i had UPSR and others
were in UK.
am i going to be left in Malaysia again when others are gonna be in QATAR?
i don't say i oppose it but i was just thinking about every possible consequences.
&& now i realise that i should not think just about myself.
with that, the only thing than i can say is just,

"go ayah. i know this is the best for you. no matter what, i will stay right beside you. don't worry about atika and me cause i know how to take care of her and myself. go ayah. go, pursue your dream. somehow, you should think about yourself more because you have sacrificed a lot of thing for us. so, go ayah, go."

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