Thursday, February 18, 2010



when i looked at this date,
i was as happy as a lark.
because i will be a fifteen-year-old girl
and i'm proud of it.

i was so happy that day,
all people that i love were celebrating that days with me.

thank you superb family, for the bag.
thanks guys, for the journal and cupcake and music candle.
thank you mimi, for the spiritual mug and shoe.
thank you mc, for the cute little mug.
thank you seri, for the bracelet.
thank you k.khai, for the hippo.
thank you edda,azura,anis,wan, wany, ummu for the notes.
thank you CHRYST 2 .
thank you AMIGAS :)

i was still curious in the middle of happiness.
i hope that your name will be there. but it just couldn't be.

bittersweet 15 :)

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