Saturday, December 19, 2009

woww. i have to answer these .

What’s your favourite band?
the all american reject, em, i prefer soundtracks more.

What’s your favourite colour?
white, blue. pink somehow. i don't too obsess with colours actually..

Have you ever met a boy and had a personal conversation with him?
you mean, a date? pfft. no. i mean, i don't like having personal conversation with boys. oh wait. i remember. just once but it's accidentally .
Would you like to be an only child or do you prefer to have siblings?
i prefer to have siblings. younger brother and sisters cause you can bully them, yeah. and i really want to have brother cause he will be very protective.

How many pairs of Nike do you own?
i have one that i bought from England. at one time, i thought i lost it and i almost cried. gosh, i really love it. next, i have one and the other one and yeah. i prefer the white and pink one .

What kind of soap do you use?
soap? Palmolive, the orange one. and somehow i used the red one.

What do you think about at 1.20am?
If I’m at a sleepover, I’m probably calculating how much sleep I’m going to have or just thinking things generally, boring things.

Do you have any pets?
not officially mine. but i have one. it's actually my sister's pet, kitten. Jonas.
oh, i remember. before this i had a cat called tiger. it's very clever. seriously! when my dad got back from office, it would straight away ran towards him. and he did pee in the toilet! but it died, crashed by freaking car!

What shampoo do you use?
head&shoulder. but i prefer Johnson Baby. i know it's kinda childish bit it smells good and makes my hair smoother!

what do you smell like……..
you mean perfume? i prefer something that make me smell fresh. currently using Estee Lauder - white horse oh yeah, before that i used Burberry.

Do you have a middle name?
Yes, can’t remember which way it goes round. Ok it’s Nur Aliah Syahmina Mohd Nazarudin.

Oh and the inevitable, do you have boyfriend/what’s you love life like?
at this moment and like recently, non existent. But things could change you know but I just like ended something.i don't want to have one till i'm 18, that's the promise that i made with myself. it's for my own good even i know it's kinda weird but yeah. i just love being single.

Why do you hate hugs?
i don't really hate hugs, but i prefer shaking hands. i just feel uncomfortable and yeah. when i was in Bulmershe, i hugged girls not boys. no. never. i guess, i just can hug my family, girl friends and my future husband :)

Is it true you sleep with a teddy bear?
huhh? no. i am not that kind of girl. i hug my pillows.

What’s your favourite TV show?
in Malaysia, i love CSI:NY. in England, i prefer Family Guy and the Simpson.

Where would be your ideal place to live?
my country is just perfect. but my dream place is England cause I just love the country side. Spain, or Greece might be great ideas. I just love the environments there.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Skandar Keynes, he's very attractive and i remembered now, he looks like someone in my dream . He's just like the boy that I like somehow.
Rupert Grint, he's cool. I mean yeah. he's so funny and especially in Harry Potter.but i'm not that obsess. just , you know like, crush. normal thing.

What’s your favourite meal?
Nandos! Nandos is like amazing. And Chinese. And then you’ve got pizza! Urm I’m a fan of Italian food but not like an amazingly big fan. Oh and last one fish and chips.

Have you ever been to Finland?
URm no. Sorry. I’ve never been to Finland.

Can you give us some prank ideas?
Attacking people from behind when they’re not expecting it! Every time I go to a friends house and if they haven’t realized I was coming, I walk up behind them and it’s all silent and then they will actually jump a mile. Really. They freak out.
Oh and have as much fun as you can in Art with paint. That’s my bit of advice. Just don’t go spreading it on other people’s work. That never really works out too well. It’s fun to chuck it on each other.

How tall are you?
i wish, i will be
5”5 ½, 5”6!. but i'm just average for an Asian.

thank you :)

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