Sunday, December 20, 2009

i'm short, fat. so what?

i really get mad when people critic my physical. oh hello, i'm happy with it. i do really love myself and so what? you're telling me that i'm short, small and fat. so what? like i care what you care. no matter how small am i, how short am i, how fat am i, i am still a human. i am still a person that has feeling. luckily i'm not forcing myself to barf or not to eat. i still can think rationally. to the one who stated out that statement, i believe you had lost your mirror. so come to my house, and i got a big mirror for you. look at yourself and judge it by your own. i'm not going to tell you, but you'll tell me by your own. to all who had faced the same situation like mine, i believe that we just have to be patient. the greatest way is being thankful on what you have. man, you have perfect body, right? and that's great. as long as you're healthy. so, please appreciate yourself and love yourself. who is going to love you, if yourself don't. you must learn how to love yourself first, then learn how to love others :)

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